Sexual Assault is not just a violation of the body, it destroyes the very concept of personal safety. Survivors of sexual assault often blame themselves for the attack on their personhood. What in the past had been definded as "my body" is ripped away, deep scars remain that leaves the survivor questioning who they are on every level. One area affected by this is sexuality.

Some people shy away from sexual intimacy and sexual expression after an assault, and others become hyper sexual in an effort to regain control of thier sexuality while being detached from the experience and often times, from themselves. 

This workshop is meant for survivors of sexual assault to rediscover their sexual selves as well as learn how to set boundaries and speak up for what is rightly theirs: sexual satisfaction and joy.

This workshop includes:  

1. *Grounding and self-awareness*: physical, emotional, and mental. What are the ways you have to learn to be and stay in your own body and be aware of how you feel whether triggered or pushed by others or by your own conditioning to be somewhere else and feel differently?

2. How can self-awareness be reclaimed and what are the barriers and strategies to being centered and safe?

3. What risk is safe or exciting and what is too much?  

4. Finding boundaries and your own pleasure from the inside out.

5. Developing *trust* enough to learn how to *communicate at what level of intimacy, and with whom.

5. Accepting where we find we are, even if it isn't where we want to be or think we "should" be, or when we have less control in determining our present state than we would like.

6. How to be okay with giving and receiving yes and no and maybe and partly and what about this if not that?

7. Being okay with no, not at all, sometimes.

8. Maintaining an awareness and right to state that I am not you and who I am is not about you personally and vice versa. (*Undoing enmeshment and misplaced blame*). 

9. How is consent negotiated in a way that shows the sexiness of that process to you without being too uncomfortable?

10. How can barriers like new (emergent or re-emergent) triggers or changes in a relationship or interaction be turned into not being taken for granted, or something with a more positive feeling to it? 

11. How to be accountable and in order to be accountable, you have to be true to yourself.

12. You have to know yourself, assess truthfully and offer realistically what you actually can and want to give. You can't share pleasure if you aren't feeling it.

13. Sexual self care.

14. Beginning, home based sexual explorations meant to help you recapture your sexual self. 

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