Recovering from a traumatic event such as chemotherapy, surgery or gynecological injury leaves lasting effects on a woman’s sexual health. Your body deserves a gentle healing process where your needs are met.

Dr. Victoria’s Sexual Healing Kit addresses the needs of women recovering from invasive procedures and trauma. This kit includes:

Luvena Restorative Vaginal Moisturizer

 Luvena is a safe and natural lubricant and moisturizer that contains pre-biotic ingredients and enzymes proven to help restore a healthy ph to the vagina. Helps eliminate dryness, unpleasant odor, and itchiness.

Used by the Mayo Clinic and the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation. A $22.95 Value.

Luz de la Riva body Intimates Kit

 Tastefully crafted body intimates created from organic and natural ingredients, this kit includes 1of each of the following: Massage candle, massage oil, water based lubricant, 4’ silicone pleasure vibe, matches, batteries. A $29.95 value.

29 Sexual Positions for Better Health

 Combining ancient Oriental healing practices with a new-age, holistic approach to self-help, SEXUAL HEALING explores a variety of sexual techniques and positions known to be helpful in confronting many common ailments. From backaches to weak bladders, chronic fatigue to menopause, SEXUAL HEALING takes a loving, enlightened approach to helping you with what ails you. Watch as couples demonstrate how sex can be both stimulating and therapeutic. A $39.95 Value

The Minno Ola Pleasure Enabler

There’s no single pattern for pleasure. Ola does what you tell it, when you tell it. Soft and steady or fast and strong, Ola meets your mood and lets you play by your own rules. Welcome to control; welcome to your new main squeeze. 

Minna believes women know what they want and what they need. And they deserve products that help them find the pleasure they desire. We create undemanding products that respond to intuitive cues, making it easy for women and couples to play, explore and discover pleasure of their own design. A $179.00 Value


Stronic Eins G-Spot Thruster

A strong toy for even stronger pleasure – Stronic Eins is a real womanizer with its elegant and ergonomic design. The straight form with a substantial volume stimulates the G-spot with thrusts while the slight curve delivers stimulating impulses to the outer erogenous zones. Stronic Eins is the perfect pleasure maker for sophisticated connoisseurs – for those who think intensity is a question of power not pace!

A whole new kind of stimulation – instead of vibrating, this new kind of toy pulsates with powerful waves which deliver a real treat especially at the lowest frequencies. The powerful, naturalistic pulses are strong, unique but familiar as well. The innovative motor technology, in which solid metal moves in a hollow body, produces a pulsating, deep and thrusting rhythm. The easy-to-use control unit 'Press Fun To Play" is refreshingly new. A $199.99 Value

Dr. Victoria’s Sexual Healing Kit for Women retails for $299.99. By purchasing your kit through this website you save 35%.

Purchase Dr. Victoria’s Sexual Healing Kit for Women today for only $179.99.