You may be feeling shock, anger, pain, grief, confusion, embarrassment, humiliation, shame or betrayal. You may be comfortable and happy to participate in your partner's expression of his "feminine" side. 

Many women feel a gigantic sense of betrayal when the cross dresser discloses his cross-dressing during their marriage or partnership. Some blame themselves. Many are living with this secret and frequently tell no one for fear of being judged or embarrassed by a partner's activities.


8.5 million (approx) cross dressers in the United States alone.

30% (approx) of wives knew about the cross dressing before the marriage.

50% of wives found out during the first years of the marriage.

71% of wives were told by their husband that he was a transvestite.

10% (approx) of wives found out about their husband when he dressed up for them as a surprise.

16% of wives discovered their husbands female clothing.

5% (approx) of cross dressers gave their wives literature before revealing the truth.

90% (approx) of wives PREVIOUSLY knew nothing about cross dressing.

Studies show wives were more accepting of cross dressing in direct relation to how soon in (or prior to) the marriage they found out about the condition.

The greatest sense of betrayal was felt by wives who found out after 10 or more years of marriage.

There are currently no statistics available indicating whether or not wives were told the truth that their spouse began cross dressing in early childhood.

Cross dressers start wearing female clothes in early childhood and their activities are life-long.

My mission is to provide a safe environment for the cross dresser's wife (partner or friend) to share her experiences in an effort to express herself without any fear of being judged, embarrassed or humiliated. 

I do not advocate non-support of partners - I seek to validate women who are dealing with the multi-faceted complexities of cross dressing and help them understand what's going on. 


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